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The hegel.net Hegel list was created in October 1998, so it is probably the oldest and biggest group / list to discuss Hegel related topics in the internet. It has been moved to groups.io recently for better services, all old messages and files have been moved too. Visit the group page following the link button below to access all files and messages or to ask questions and participate in the discussions.

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The lists below are read only, no new postings

Below, you can find the old groups at groups.yahoo.com. As Yahoo Groups is slowly shutting down its services, we encourage you to use the Groups.io list above for any new discussion and question. You may hovever want to read the archives of the groups below, as long as they are still available to the public by yahoo.com

Introduction to Hegel’s Philosophy

On Hegel’s ‘Science of Logic’

On Hegel’s Philosophy of Nature

On Hegel’s Anthropology and Psychology

On Hegel’s Philosophy of Right

For Hegel- Marxdiscussions

On Hegel’s Philosophy of History

On Hegel’s Philosophy of Art

Hegel’s Philosophy of (non christian)Religions

Hegel’s Christian Theology

Hegel’s History of Philosophy

Hegelians and Hegel reception

German Hegel List

Managing Hegel.Net and the lists together